Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 2

It’s been hard to visit what was once our home. I have only been there once so far. This is some of what I saw. (C) 2020, JJ ShaunA small utility trailer. (C) 2020, JJ ShaunThe side of the house. (C) 2020, JJ ShaunNear the back door. (C) 2020, JJ ShaunMy library should be here.

Evacuation Day 8

Two days ago, we received news that half of our neighborhood was consumed by wildfire, including our humble abode. (C) 2020, JJ ShaunOur home. October 5, 2020 First Reader and I have spent the last few days waiting and wondering what was going on. We've been denied entry to our community daily because of the … Continue reading Evacuation Day 8

Life and Loss

2019 JJ ShaunJoe Yesterday, our family held a memorial service for a man who was as much kin as one could be and not be born into the clan. Joe dropped into our lives almost twenty-five years ago. He had just been released prison and volunteered to help his brother build an extra room into … Continue reading Life and Loss