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Welcome to the Tavern, where Tales are the order of the day.

Meet the Author

JJ was raised coast-to-coast and around the world. Her dad was military, so they moved around a lot when she was young. She has lived in Maine, Pennsylvania, Florida, Colorado, California, Nevada, Illinois, Virginia, Germany, and Japan. She has either lived in or traveled through almost all of the 50 states. While serving in the US Navy, JJ visited ports of call in Beppu, Japan; Hong Kong; Macao; Korea; the Philippines; Hawai’i; Vancouver, BC; and Sitka and Adak, Alaska. She now lives along the Front Range in Colorado. “There’s no place like home.”

JJ has been writing for almost 40 years, much of it in the electrical and computer engineering realm. Woven throughout all of that technical writing, she has written many short stories—most of them based on a fantasy world that lives in her mind. Her characters clamor to escape the confines of her imagination and roam the world at large. Now that she’s retired from the corporate rat-race, she spends more time letting those little miscreants run loose on the page. She hopes you enjoy reading these stories as much as she has enjoyed writing them.

When not writing, JJ stays busy caring for her partner of more than 26 years and her two dogs. Her adopted chihuahua likes to chase a little ball around the house. The most recent addition to her family is a young husky that needed a new home and room to run. JJ now spends a portion of her day training the new pup.

JJ owns a motorcycle and loves the “wind therapy” aspect of a good ride. She and her partner of more than a quarter-century live in Colorado, where they have plenty of canyons to ride in which to test their skills. For the last 25 years, JJ and a group of friends have ridden to Sturgis, SD, to bask in the presence of thousands of like-minded individuals. While they share the summer riding season with camping, riding takes priority because riding season is much shorter than camping season. When the weather is too wet, cold, or snowy to ride, JJ likes to curl up with a good video game, book, or movie.

Living in the “foothills” west of the city keeps JJ and her partner busy in ways that many people question. Living on acreage has its advantages and disadvantages. It’s quiet, but the grasses need mowing, and the trees trimmed. Forest fire is a big concern in her neck of the woods and this past fall, a massive forest fire claimed her home. She now works toward rebuilding a new home in the foothills.