Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 42

Earlier this week, we trekked up to Cheyenne to put the down payment on our new place. The deposit gets the ball rolling. We are now under pressure to get our part of the project going.

(C) 2021, JJ Shaun
The first rough draft of our new home plan.

Before we can get much further with building, we need to find an electrician and get the electrical up. We also need someone to check the well to make sure our water isn’t contaminated. We have phone calls out to several electricians and have had one estimate that came in high. Before we get too many more estimates, I am thinking about digging for the wires that the electrician needs to access. That way, they can see what they need to do without charging me for their equipment fees. We have another month or so to get ‘er done.

The weather has shifted to typical summer patterns—at least for this week. The mornings have been sunny and the heat rising against the foothills causes afternoon thunderstorms to form. Heavy rain frequently accompanies those storms dumps on the burn scar areas causing major flooding and road washouts. The ash still sitting on the topsoil runs into the creeks, streams, and rivers.

Now that we have put down the deposit, I feel a little like Sisyphus. I’ll be pushing this rock up the mountain until we move into our new home.

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