Evacuation Day 6

First Reader and I tried to get to our home today and were turned back. We were told the conditions were still too unpredictable to allow entry. As of this post, we still do not know how much of our community survived.

Fire on the Mountain

This week we were evacuated due to wildfire. A small fire was spotted less than a mile from our home and we had to leave. I will be posting more quotes until we are allowed back home and can assess any damage we might have to face.

She’s Back!

I picked my desktop up yesterday afternoon and have been adding software and the rest of what I need ever since. I've run into a snag, though. (Of course I did, it's 2020.) I keep my backup on a USB drive, and that USB drive wants to play hide-and-seek. I've looked everywhere, but I keep … Continue reading She’s Back!


My desktop is at the repair shop. With luck, they will be able to recover my information and I'll be able to carry on where I left off. I should be back in business by Friday.

September 2020

As we all know, this year has seemed like one disaster after another. September is no different. I have had to re-schedule the appointment to get my system re-imaged because not only do we have a fire raging to our west, we are expecting snow overnight. Have I mentioned how crazy this year has been? … Continue reading September 2020

Still Down

Folks, I have an appointment on Tuesday to get my desktop re-imaged. I plan to be back in business by Wednesday, Thursday at the latest if it takes longer than a day for the Windows 10 re-install to take place. See you soon.

Microsoft Issues

Folks, the latest "update" from Microsoft messed up the computer with all of my information. Until I can resolve the issue with Microsoft, my desktop is a brick. Sorry for the inconvenience.