Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 113

Not much has changed since we were last on the property. Our contractor is waiting for materials to lay the drainage ahead of the slab pour. Some of those materials will be delivered today. I’ll have pictures of that process, also. Aside from that, we are still pulling funds together to help pay for our new construction.

We took Bonus Grandson and a new acquaintance up to help pull down what was left of the bracing around the cistern. While most pieces came down fairly quickly, one corner remains stubbornly in place. This was the only panel undamaged by the fire, so the post and the bracing refused to budge.

The posts were 6” x 6” and buried at least two feet into the ground. Also, 2” x 6” bracing was added to the foot of the post. It was buried along with the rest of the structure. After digging by hand for 15 minutes and still not finding the end of either, I decided to ask our contractor to use one of his toys to pull it down. We need to get it out before the ground freezes, and we’ll have to wait until spring.

Even though our project is moving slowly, it’s moving. Now, all we need is for the house to be placed before the snow flies.

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