Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 112

Step by step, our new home is taking shape. Our contractor has added dirt to the base of the yet-to-be basement ahead of the slab pour.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Cleaning and leveling the base layer.

But, before the foundation can be poured, drainage will need to be added around the outside of the newly cured walls. On top of that, rock and gravel will add a filtering layer before the trenches are backfilled as needed. Our contractor has been using dirt from the area across the driveway to help fill in where he dug to put in the frost wall.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Plenty of dirt.

Our Bonus Grandson and I have been moving piles of burned and cut branches and tree trunks out of the way of upcoming construction. We still have lots of work to do, but it keeps us off the streets and out of the bars. 😉

Things are coming together, and we can hardly wait to see the puzzle completed.

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