Random Quote for January 5, 2021

“The problem with the Internet is that it gives you everything—reliable material and crazy material. So the problem becomes, how do you discriminate?”~Umberto Eco Italian medievalist, philosopher, semiotician, cultural critic, political and social commentator, and novelist Umberto Eco was born on this day in 1932.

Evacuation Day 8

Two days ago, we received news that half of our neighborhood was consumed by wildfire, including our humble abode. (C) 2020, JJ ShaunOur home. October 5, 2020 First Reader and I have spent the last few days waiting and wondering what was going on. We've been denied entry to our community daily because of the … Continue reading Evacuation Day 8

Evacuation Day 6

First Reader and I tried to get to our home today and were turned back. We were told the conditions were still too unpredictable to allow entry. As of this post, we still do not know how much of our community survived.