Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 132

It’s getting harder to update the same ol’ post every week, but here we go: No progress on our house—still.

(C) 2023, JJ Shaun
Same old, same old.

The crappy weather pattern has shifted from snow every Wednesday to snow every Friday into Saturday. That means that the grandkids’ soccer games keep getting postponed as well. Winter keeps hanging on with all its might.

We’re tired of waiting, and unfortunately, there is little we can do about it. We are stuck waiting for people and materials. I’m eager to quit wasting our retirement on storage units and additional rent. In the meantime, Spring got caught in a custody battle between Winter and Summer. And so we wait.

One additional note. A day after I posted the picture of the pelican, he came back. This time, with a friend. I even caught both birds in the same photo.

(C) 2023, JJ Shaun
Resting pelicans.

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