Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 126

First Reader and I drove up to drool in our new house this past week again. Despite the high winds repeatedly ripping some of the protection from the roof (the company keeps putting more back on), it looks good. No squatters of either the four- or two-legged variety have moved in. Those have been a couple of our concerns as our home sits on the sales lot.

The consensus is that we wait until spring to move the house up the mountain. I talked to the site manager of the sales office, and he relayed what he’s heard from the drivers—the road has too many ice patches to safely haul our home up right now. When Mother Nature calms down, I think it’ll happen fast. Until then, we wait.

Because we’re in Wait mode, I’m moving my serial stories back to Sundays for a while because we won’t see rebuilding progress for a couple more months. I anticipate we’ll start talking about delivery closer to mid-April. I’ll start posting on the house again when we know more.

In the meantime, I’m editing the novel I wrote for National Novel Writing Month. I’m adding more scenery and backstory where it feels thin and changing early character descriptions. First Reader is reading through it, letting me know where she doesn’t understand something or where information is inconsistent.

I aim to have it ready for Beta readers by the end of February, then I’ll look for an editor. Wish me luck, everyone!

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