Keeping Fit

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun

How do you keep from losing your mind when the temperatures are dangerously cold and you can’t take a walk without getting frostbite? I don’t know about you, but I practice yoga and I write. I’m not much of a television person but will watch the news and follow whatever show the roomie is watching when I’m in our common areas. I keep to the room I’ve made into my office for the most part.

First Reader worries that I don’t get out enough, so she plans activities for us whenever she can. (Unfortunately, those activities are few and far between, with COVID still having its way with the world.) I’m not really surrounded by the same boring four walls when writing. I out adventuring with the character du jour. It’s like reading, but different.

I started life as an avid reader. My family can tell you that I always had a book with me, two if I was almost finished with one. Along came adulthood and all the responsibilities that go with “adulting.” I had less time to read than ever. I got my first computer (an Apple IIe clone) and learned to type by imagining my first story. Then I discovered video games.

What does this have to do with staying fit and healthy, you ask? It means I spend a lot of time sitting on my keester, getting achier by the day. Walks keep my overall health in check. Since I started walking regularly, I’ve lost at least twenty pounds, and I feel it when I don’t get a daily jaunt around the neighborhood.

This week, the temps haven’t been conducive to outdoor activities unless one needs to be out and about. I don’t. So, I’ve been replacing my walk with a yoga session to work out the kinks. Thank goodness for YouTube. A search using “beginning yoga” yields hundreds of videos of varying lengths. I usually pick one that will help me get a gentle stretch without pushing too hard and hurting myself. Something less than half an hour. In the evenings, I do more gentle stretches to relax my body and prepare for bed.

I’ve noticed that I don’t hurt quite so bad since I started practicing more often, so it’s making a difference. I have specific stretching goals I want to reach before I push myself into the challenging and strength-building poses. I’ll be ready for more challenges when I can touch my toes again. In the meantime, I’m getting there—millimeter by millimeter.

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