Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 29

Five or six years ago, we redecorated our living room. In the process, we boxed a bunch of stuff up and took it to a storage unit we had in town. That storage unit, like my mother’s, has stayed relatively untouched all these years.

(C) 2021, JJ Shaun
We got a bunch of packing material out of the way before I took this.

Now, we get to clean it out to see what we have left. I imagine it’ll feel a little like Christmas and a little like cleaning out your dragon’s horde. We began on Monday, before the latest round of Father Winter gasping his (hopefully) last breath for the season.

(C) 2021, JJ Shaun
After a few hours of sorting through stuff. And yes, it felt a little like Christmas.

Our federal disaster application is rolling right along, too. We were on the phone and sending emails with more information about the loss for several days last week. Then, just like that, we were approved. That approval set a visit from a federal loss verifier into motion. So, with a winter storm breathing down our necks, we made the trek up to the property so he could see, with his own two eyes, that our house and outbuildings were gone.

Of course, we could have waited until after the storm, but this is one of those late spring actions that wants to linger until the end of the coming week. The mountain expects three to six inches of wet, heavy snow this weekend, foothill snow showers on and off for the next three days, and unsettled conditions into next weekend. No, Thursday was a much better day, even though the white stuff was flying by the time I returned to our abode.

The next steps in our adventure are to arrange to have the infrastructure inspected and the necessary repairs completed. While all that’s going on, we need to find a house. That will be the most daunting task of all. Now that we know our base budget, we’ll need to scrape the rest of the money together so that we aren’t limited to that tiny home I mentioned a few weeks ago. (If I knew how to embed emoji’s I’d have an :eyeroll: here.)

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