Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 24

I spent the week recovering from my covid vaccination. I expected to feel crappy for a day or so, and indeed I did. What I didn’t expect was to feel wiped out for a week.

For two days after my injection, I ran a fever. Along with the elevated temperature, I ached all over. I couldn’t get warm, no matter how many blankets I piled on me. Needless to say, I slept a lot. I had a killer headache along with body aches and fatigue. As the week progressed, the fever subsided, and I began feeling better. Every day I have more energy than the day before.

I also didn’t expect my arm to still hurt from the injection. It’s been a little more than a week, and I still feel like I got punched hard—repeatedly. I don’t have a bruise, but I sure feel like I should have one. When I was in the Navy, there was a “tradition” of “tacking on” a person’s new rating insignia. Everyone of a higher rank would like up and punch the left arm of the newly-rated sailor, just to make sure it would “stay put.” By the end of the line, one’s arm was frequently purple with bruising that lasted at least a week. My arm feels kind of like that.

Despite a week of discomfort and such, I’m glad I was able to get vaccinated. Now, we just need the weather to cooperate.

The other big event of note for our region is the massive snowstorm that’s been expected to hit the area this weekend. While meteorologists described several possible storm tracks, our predicted “Snowmageddon” moved north to harry the upper midwest. Which leaves our foothills with a paltry two feet of snow instead of the expected five to six feet.

Illness and weather notwithstanding, FEMA has finally made funds accessible for those who lost property to the wildfire. We have a new avenue of financing to explore along with the usual suspects. By the time the weather calms down to a dull roar, we should have a better idea of where we stand and what kind of home we’ll be able to afford. My fingers are crossed that we’ll be able to afford more than a tiny house.

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