Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 20

We didn’t make it up the mountain this week. Even though we still have work to do, the weather has been frigid as a polar vortex slammed the state, plummeting daytime temperatures into the single digits during the day. Add a breeze to those temps, and the cold becomes dangerous. So, we spent the week working on paperwork and attending Zoom seminars relating to wildfire recovery.

The aftermath of a disaster is almost as emotionally draining as the disaster itself. The insurance company wants a complete list of everything you have in your home. Creating that list is an exercise in futility. Even with pictures, can you really remember every item in your home? With no receipts, it’s hard to remember what we paid for a lot of the furniture and such. Then there are those sentimental items that hold a non-cash value. Can you put a price on your parents’ ashes or the partial set of children’s books you managed to save from childhood?

But, we might be a bit more fortunate than some of our neighbors. A few years ago, we re-did our living room and packed a bunch of our collectibles, music, and books into boxes that we took to storage. Most of that stuff never made it back to the house. It still sits packed in a storage unit, waiting for us to discover it all over again.

And we still have plenty of clean-up to take care of on the mountain. While that task isn’t as daunting as the original job, we still have a bit of debris left to clean out and some metal panels to recover from where the wind deposited them. When that’s done, we can look to repairing the infrastructure and deciding on a new floorplan.

While the day-to-day recovery seems to drag, it’s hard to believe it’s already the middle of February. So, hug your loved ones and give a word of thanks for having them in your lives. Happy Valentine’s Day, everyone.

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