Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 14

Now that the old storage unit is cleared out, we can begin to look to the task ahead—cleaning up the remains of our life before the wildfire.

The last time First Reader and I went up with a couple of friends, we were only able to investigate a few to several feet in from the edges of the wreckage because of the remains of the old roof. We got the metal roofing panels off, but those were laid over the original mobile home roof. Which now lays over the hole in the ground protecting the interior of what’s left. A couple of us ventured further into the center but couldn’t lift or fold the panels enough to make a difference. We figured we’ll need to cut those panels down to get them off.

So, today First Reader and I went shopping with our mountain project in mind. We bought a selection of battery-powered cutting tools to use so we can cut what’s left of the roof away to get into the inaccessible areas. I want to see how many more ceramic and porcelain pieces we can find, not to mention what might be left of the coin collection.

I’m not looking forward to cleaning up the mess, but it needs to be done before we can replace our home. Once we have the hole in the ground cleaned out, we can begin to plan our next step. For now, though, we have a lot of work to do.

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