Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 7

First Reader and I have a LOT of work to do before we can rebuild our dream. Because it’s December and getting into winter, we will have to work around the weather. We hope this year doesn’t produce a lot of snow and the temperatures stay well above freezing. On the other hand, our area is in a severe drought, and we need all the moisture we can get. If that happens, we might have to wait until spring to get our property cleaned up.

We will continue our cleanup efforts next time we get up the mountain. Some of our neighbors have invited us to share their cleanup resources. For that, we are grateful. We also have to make sure the electric, water, and septic systems are intact. Then we’ll need to arrange to have repairs completed. I know the electricity and water piping to the house will need replacing. The electrical post is completely gone; only the remains of the box are identifiable. We also need to repair the wiring that goes down into the well-head and probably the control box for the well. Our cistern should be in good shape, but can’t check for leaks until we can cap off the piping at the house end.

The last time we ventured up to the remains, we looked at what needed to be done. I decided to start by the well-head. A friend has offered to let us use a fifth-wheel camper while we rebuild. Even though it isn’t habitable, it can be used to keep tools and other treasures out of the weather until we can get an area cleaned up and prepared for a garage.

We are beginning to make plans. Once the wreckage is cleared, we’ll have a better idea of what we have to work with. That’s when the fun begins.

One thought on “Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 7

  1. Sounds like a good plan. Electric polke ,I’m not sure if that’s your responsibility, but running the line to your place will be. Winter is coming, nice weather for a week or so. The cold and snoiw really sinks in January, and the snow. So maybe a plan for indoor architectural homework. It”all get done. I’m thinking 2 yrs from the time they fire blew through. Mom


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