Giving Thanks in a Thankless Year

This year has been difficult, and it’s hard to find things to be thankful for. I could list all the losses I’ve personally had, but that’s only me looking in the rearview mirror, not at the road ahead.

Yeah, I think about the things I lost, especially when I want a specific reference as I flesh out a character. I have a moment of sadness, then find another way to complete my research. I’m thankful that I have the Internet at my fingertips to search for the information I want or need. I’d certainly be losing my mind even more if I didn’t have this avenue to the outside world.

I’m thankful that I have the capacity, during a pandemic, to be able to isolate without being totally isolated. I can reach out to friends and family using the technology that is available in 2020. Can you imagine what life would be like if you had to be isolated without being able to pick up your smartphone and call your family on a video call?

Even though First Reader and I cannot travel to parts east for our annual feast, we can still visit using today’s technology. I expect we will be busy preparing our abbreviated banquet, while one of us communicates with the family that we aren’t able to see in person this year. Sure, it’s not the same as breaking break together, but we can make it the next best thing. I, for one, am thankful the technology is here for us.

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