Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 3

Our neighborhood was particularly hard hit by the wildfire that took our house. Of the 43 homes in our development, 17 were destroyed. More than half had a loss of some type—either an outbuilding, trailer, or vehicle. The most valuable thing we have left is our sense of community.

Since the Cameron Peak Fire blazed through the mountains of Northern Colorado, people that live in the affected mountain communities have come together to share not just their experiences, but also their support for one another as so many of us struggle to find a new, new normal.

Our property was most thoroughly scorched. We lost not just our house, but four outbuildings, a camper trailer that we used for storage, and an ATV. But we didn’t lose everything. The fire missed our trash trailer, two ATVs, a mower, and a lawn tractor, though not much else survived.

I have my moments when I think about something I need or want to use, and realize that I no longer have it. That is taking some getting used to. Life goes on, and we can either wallow in what was, or mourn it, let it go, and move on. We choose the latter.

Some things we will never see whole again.

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun
The skeleton of an ATV.

While others will hold a place in our future home.

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun
A few things we’ve picked out of the ashes.

More will be replaced, some things quicker than others.

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun
The wind sock.
(C) 2020, JJ Shaun
The house.

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