So, I’m “retired.”

What does that mean exactly?

For one, it means that I have a whole lot more time on my hands. The trick will be to figure out how to fill that time in a meaningful manner. My brain is all atwitter with ways I could fill said time, but I tend to dream a bit bigger than the motivation that goes along with the ideas.

So, how does one begin to fill a day when just last week they were meaningfully employed?

Well, I need to start with shoveling out my office. It’s been years since this room has had a deep clean, so with the most significant change to my life, will come the biggest change to my workspace.

(C) 2019 JJ Shaun
My office today. I’m embarrassed to show this, but — Motivation.

Because I was released on a Thursday, I decided that I needed a little “Wind Therapy” on Friday. Two friends and I got on our motorcycles and rode up one of the nearby canyons for some focused adventure. We stopped for lunch at one of our favorite restaurants on the river before riding up a bit further and turning into a slow little canyon that was perfect for the mood.

(C) 2019 JJ Shaun
Parking the bikes before going in for lunch.

The weekend has been typical. I played some D&D with the family yesterday and got to know my character a bit better. Helped with the kids. Ate a delicious German dinner prepared by my daughter-in-law. Today is R&R (wRiting & Recharge) day. I’ll spend part of the day playing DDO with my online group.

Tomorrow will see the most significant impact on my day—I don’t have to get up early and go to “work.”

Well, I do, but it will be different. As I said, I really need to clean my office. I might even be able to finally finish that puzzle I’ve been trying to build for too many years to count. I need full daylight to fill in the last part, and I haven’t had that available with a full-time-plus job that sucks up my day.

I’ve been told by friends who’ve retired that they are busier now than when they worked. I’m not sure if I’m looking forward to that part or not. On the other hand, the activities are much more fulfilling than slaving away over a hot keyboard for someone else.

We already have our first camping trip planned. We’re heading to the Black Hills in a little over a week. We do need to check out the new camper after all. Having had our old camper for almost 25 years, we decided it was time for an upgrade. The old one was literally falling apart at the seams, and we are over trying to fix it—again. We had squirreled enough away to upgrade, so, despite the bad news from The Visible Means of Support™, we bought our new summer travel apartment.

(C) 2019 JJ Shaun
The new traveling apartment.

Changes are coming to this page, too.

I will be adding topics to the week. Some ideas that have crossed my mind have been “Music Monday,” “Tech Writer Tuesday,” and “Freelance Friday.” If I ever get myself that organized, Sunday will eventually give you a preview of the coming week’s blog posts.

Thank you to all of you who regularly follow this blog. As small as my following is today, you give me the inspiration to carry on with a positive outlook. Until now, this blog has been a hobby trying to become a means of escape. It’s more than a hobby now. As I add more social media platforms to my repertoire, I will let you know how to find me out in the world at large.

Once again, thank you. Because without you and your support, I couldn’t do this.

Have a great week.

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