Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 134

Imagine our surprise when all meetings with Mr. Contractor fell through this week. All is not lost, though. He hired a reliable sub-contractor who will get the job done. I met with Mr. Sub-Contractor Friday and gave him a deposit for the work. His company poured the basement walls last fall, and he has us on his schedule for this coming Wednesday, the 10th, to pour the slab. I’ll have pictures next week.

This week has been one thing after another, testing our sanity. Best Riding Buddy has been away on vacation, so of course that’s when the house plumbing decides to back up. It seems like crap like this always happens when BRB is on vacation. 🙄 Late on a Friday afternoon is not the best time for problems that require immediate solutions to occur. We were ignored by no fewer than three “24/7 emergency” plumbing services that evening. (Truth in advertising, amiright?) The best part was when a plumber finally showed up Saturday morning, the standing water in the shower had drained on its own. 🤦🏼 I wonder if using the kitchen sink caused enough drain pressure to pull some of the clog? 🤔 I won’t say the plumbing issue is totally solved, but at least we won’t have to drop the better part of a grand to clear a wad of gunk.

And, it’s hard to believe it’s May already. I had hoped to be started with the building before now, but the Universe has other plans for us, apparently. It feels like our life is clogged, just like the toilet, and we’re waiting for the obstacles to clear so we can finally get moved into our new home. Until then, we take it one day at a time.

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