Warmth, At Last

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun

It seems Mother Nature can’t quite make up her mind. Last Friday, it snowed most of the day, and we got a few inches of the wet, heavy white stuff. Most of it had melted by Saturday afternoon as the daytime temperatures warmed up once more. The weather-guessers predicted rain for last night, but it arrived yesterday afternoon—as a few light sprinkles. We’ll have the usual warming trend over the next several days before another “cold” front moves in.

At this time of year, a “cold” front means that when the temperatures drop those thirty or forty degrees, it’s really only (’only’, right 🙄) near freezing outside. When I consider what the last few months felt like, this is almost balmy (not really, but the wind doesn’t cut like it does in January). It’s nice to get to wear shorts sometimes and feel the sun on my skin when the dog drags me out for our daily jaunt around the neighborhood.

Last week’s storm brought enough moisture and mild temps that the shrubs, bushes, and trees finally recognized the seasons shifting. I’ve been watching for signs of change, but only the last few days noticed the winter buds opening and the first hints of green peek through. It’s almost like they needed the kiss of raindrops for permission to open.

(C) 2023, JJ Shaun
Shrub buds beginning to open.

Unfortunately, the moisture is never enough because the region is cycling between cool, wet weather, and warm, dry weather. We get weather advisories daily about the fire danger caused by the winds that strip the moisture from everything in its path. The abrupt weather changes play hell with my sinuses and a headache is my constant companion, regardless of how much allergy medication I take. And I hate it when I get “medicine head,” my ears ring enough as it is.

I would normally rejoice that spring has arrived, but our building project is still in stasis. As of this writing, not much has happened except a bunch to jabber-jawing about what supposedly will begin soon. I’ll have more about that subject on Sunday. In the meantime, First Reader and I are trying not to lose our minds as we wait, as always, for someone else to get moving.

For now, I enjoy my walks around the pond near our ‘home away from home.’

(C) 2023, JJ Shaun
The blue heron is back at the pond.
(C) 2023, JJ Shaun
A recent visitor to the pond, a fresh water pelican.
I haven’t seen this guy since I snapped this picture.

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