Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 128

Mother Nature isn’t quite done having her way with us yet. This past week brought more wet, spring snow and tumbling temperatures to the region. I don’t expect the snow on the property to last long, though. A week from now, the warmth will have returned. The next several weeks will be the usual weather roller-coaster that marks the seasonal transition before finally settling into warm days. With luck, late spring will bring mild enough days that we can finally get moving with our building.

(C) 2023, JJ Shaun
Saturday morning snow.

Yesterday, we drove up to see the house again. Nothing changed from the last time we visited. The inevitable holes in the plastic wrap keep being repaired (we see more taped areas each visit). I have to give a huge thanks to the company we chose, as they are not charging us to store our house on their lot.

Our contractor is now bidding for supplies. Hopefully, we’ll get word soon on when his part of the building started. In the meantime, we continue to wait.

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