Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 108

Friday, our subcontractor poured the basement walls. The weather was not optimal, but they got the job done. I arrived just ahead of the boom used to direct the concrete stream into the forms.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
The concrete boom setting into place.
(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
The boom at work.

The crew waited at least half an hour for the concrete trucks to arrive. As you can see, clouds covered the mountain, and the outdoor temperatures were in the mid-30s F. The crew completed the job despite the near-frigid weather.

I managed to stay out of their way and not fall over any tripping hazards that littered the area. I took video of all three trucks pouring the walls, but I won’t bore you with more than thirty minutes of the same ol’ thing. I took a shot at editing one of the videos, but as you can tell, my v-editing skills need some serious work. 😏

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Filling the forms from the first concrete truck.

Now, the concrete has to cure. According to our subcontractor, that will happen over the next seven days. The forecast calls for temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s over the next week and more, so maybe the cold temperatures on “pour day” will work in our favor.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Filled forms for the front wall.

We still have tons to do before the snow flies, but we’ll deal with one thing at a time as another year creeps to a close.

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