Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 104

The countdown begins. Tomorrow is the day our house construction is supposed to start.

Last week, First Reader, Best Riding Buddy, and I took a motorcycle ride up to see our new home one more time and pinch ourselves again to make it feel real.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
First Reader by the front half of the house.

Yesterday, Bonus Daughter #1 brought a pickup bed full of landscaping blocks up to the property. We’re gathering quite a collection of bricks, blocks, and rocks while we wait for a place to use them.

Even though the bulk of the construction starts tomorrow, we saw evidence of the work beginning over the weekend.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Looking to the southwest. Starting to put up the forms for the foundation.
(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Looking northwest. The trench for the frost wall.
(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
The view of the foundation from the southwest corner.

I’ll post more pictures next week. By then, we should see real progress.

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