Change the Scenery

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
April’s change of scenery.

The last three years have been incredibly stressful. And not just for First Reader and me, but for almost everyone I know. (Although, I could say that the last six years have been a bit tense, especially after I realized nothing would save my career when the new manager was under direction to “cut costs.”)

So, what’s a grrl to do while the rug is being yanked? Breathe, to start with. Then start looking at possibilities.

I get my optimism from my dad and from First Reader. I could look at all the negatives in a situation, but I’ll probably crash and burn. And I don’t recover like I used to. So I try to figure out which way to move to have the fastest recovery time. Besides, if I look at the negatives all the time, that’s all I’ll see. No, thank you. I’m a dreamer, and this time, I’m dreaming big.

One thing that’s saved me has been that goofy Husky we adopted just before the fire. The Princess learned that taking Mom on a daily walk is something she loves. So, she gives me about an hour to slurp my brew every morning before demanding her outing — vocally. (Anyone who’s ever owned a Husky knows how they love to voice their opinions.) Then we all but run around the nearby pond a couple laps … or three. I plug music in my ears to help set the pace, then off we go.

Another way we beat the blues is First Reader and I hopping on our iron ponies to run simple errands and such. Inevitably, we take the looong way to our various destinations, then take a different looong way back home. Wind therapy clears the mind. It also requires other attention skills than being in a car. Minor changes in the wind, temperature, and sunshine are immediately noticeable. On the flip side, drivers don’t always see motorcyclists, even when they look the rider in the eye. I’ve learned to ride like I’m invisible because, to most drivers, I am.

Using my imagination is another way to keep from losing my mind while we wait. I not only play video games, but I’m also participating in an online version of Dungeons & Dragons for more than a year. It’s the same group I’ve written stories with; some of us are telling the story. I have also started teaching some younger family members how to play the game. They are excited enough that it’s like herding cats when we play, but they talk about it for weeks. I’m sure the pizza has nothing to do with it. 😉

Stress is everywhere; our modern world keeps us stressed out. It’s no wonder people snap. Taking time away from the grind to do something relaxing is imperative to our mental and emotional health. Try coloring or drawing if you can’t get out for a daily walk. Find a way to change the scenery. You’ll be glad you did.

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