Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 99

We are SO close to having our permit I could spit. We found out Friday morning, the day the final engineering note was turned over to the building department, that the engineer approving our paperwork works four 10-hour days. Monday through Thursday. Isn’t that just freaking special? 🙄

One thing we did manage to get done this week was airing out the furniture we were given. The wood spent more than a week baking under tarps while we were riding the Black Hills. When we got home, we had a run of sunny days, so we uncovered it all and let the sunshine do its work. I know it isn’t the best treatment for the wood, but it is one of the fastest and least labor-intensive ways to rid the wood of the worst odor. It seems to be working so far. We’ll treat and seal the items before moving them into our new place.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
(C) 2022, JJ Shaun

A weather front is moving in, so we rented yet another smaller storage unit just for this furniture. We gathered a few family members and got everything in before the latest round of storms arrived.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll have our building permit Monday. We’re keeping our fingers crossed that all of our issues have been addressed, and by this time next week, we’ll have started building.

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