Day 6: Sturgis 2022

(C) 2013, JJ Shaun

Today was relatively quiet. We took a short ride up to Hill City and walked up and down Main Street. We were looking for Rally shirts for the family. We had a light meal at the Bumpin’ Buffalo Bar and Grill before riding the Old Hill City Road into Keystone.

(C) 2022, Google Maps
Highlighted is the Old Hill City Road from Hill City, SD, to Keystone, SD.

The Old Hill City Road is a meandering ribbon of asphalt that winds through the trees and hills between the two towns. Along the way, the road crosses the tracks of the 1880 Train at least thirteen times. Because the train had the right of way, we had to be on the lookout when we’d approach the tracks so that we wouldn’t end up as train ornaments. About halfway to Keystone, we caught sight of the steam engine winding its way along the tracks. We had ice cream at Turtle Town, then rode back to our cabin to pack for tomorrow’s trip home.

It’s been a good trip, despite the heat. The past day or two have been pleasant, weather-wise, so we haven’t melted quite so much. As usual, we spent more than anticipated, but we replaced a few of our losses from the fire. Tomorrow will be a mixed bag. If we can get on the road early enough, we can avoid the rain. If not, we’ll either get wet or stop at a motel along the way. Either way, we’re on our way home in the morning.

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