Day 1: Sturgis 2022

Sunday, our little pack rode north to South Dakota to walk the streets of Sturgis for a minute, then spend the rest of the week riding the Black Hills. The ride was cooler than usual and windy. We were glad it wasn’t blazing hot, but we could have lived without the headwind.

We rolled into our campground at dusk, got the bikes unloaded, and we settled in. Then I crashed hard. On the other hand, my cabinmates said they didn’t sleep well.

The first day is shopping day. We bring the minimum amount of food and find someplace to stop for brunch along the way. This year, we had a bite before leaving the house, so no one had much of an appetite before we arrived in the Black Hills. Finally, we stopped for grub at the Mt. Rushmore Brewing Company in Custer. I like a good chili beer, and MRBC didn’t disappoint. The wings, however, were a touch undercooked, so I brought the rest to the cabin, and we nuked them for a snack when we returned from our shopping trip this afternoon.

Tomorrow, we head into the city of Sturgis to pick up some patches we’ve been looking for. Then we zoom back to the Black Hills Harley-Davidson dealership and have our vests decorated. I’ll post pictures when they’re done.

For now, we’re settled in for the evening, having a drink and watching the motorcycles as they ride by on the highway to Rapid City.

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