Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 97

What an exciting week.

When we redecorated our living room several years ago, we bought the Mexican Rustic Pine set because it fit our overall decor. We were far from over admiring it when the wildfire swept through. I searched the Internet looking for that style. And was blown away by the cost increase.

An old friend of First Reader’s reached out and asked if we wanted some furniture she was giving away. We have had so many people wanting to give us furniture we’ve had to turn a few of them away. But this … this was an offer we couldn’t refuse—Mexican Rustic Pine. The caveat is that she needs as much of it gone as we can take before the 10th. We will be in South Dakota being bikers for a week. Needless to say, we scrambled around to find a few muscular bodies to help us get it moved from there to here.

After many changes of plans (our life was a virtual blender for a few days as we scrambled), we finally got a small crew together and drove to parts south to claim our haul. We came away with two trailer loads and a pickup truck bed full. This was the first time our pickup driver, my grandson, had ever pulled a trailer, and he did an admirable job. Thanks, M.S. 😊

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
A few pieces of the furniture that was given to us.

Oh, yeah, and at the same time, we helped Elder Granddaughter move. She was evicted because her landlord wanted to increase the rent by almost a quarter. Seriously? 🙄

The other note is that we received the compliance reports from the builder, so those are now in the hands of the building department. With luck, we’ll have a permit by the time we return.

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