Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 96

We are stuck in limbo as we wait for others to provide the proper paperwork to the county. At this point, we’re waiting on one bit of engineering information. I think the building department is ready to issue our permit after receiving it.

The storms that soaked the central United States brought more flooding to the burn scars. This time, residents were better prepared. Well, that and the county road crews have been busy repairing the damage every time the rain washes out the narrower parts of the canyon.

Though we’re still waiting on the permit, our contractor is preparing as much as he’s allowed. He’s also exposed the piping to the cistern (I’ll have pictures next week).

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Prepping for the foundation.

The annual pilgrimage to the motorcycle mecca of the west begins this Friday. I’ll be packed up and riding my steel pony north to Rapid City a week from now. If we have any kind of WiFi, I’ll drop a post or two about our adventures.

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