Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 94

Just when we thought our rebuilding couldn’t get any more f#-ed up than it was—it did. 🤬

This week we heard from the building department that a request was sent to our builder and contractor asking for additional information. The email is dated June 28. They have yet to receive that information. So, more delays. Apparently, the email was sent to spam folders for some unknown reason. I swear, something’s conspiring to keep us in town.

In the meantime, the Cameron Peak Fire burn scar suffers the consequences of the loss of vegetation. The monsoonal moisture drawn up from the gulf region is causing catastrophic flooding in some of the canyon areas affected by the wildfire.

I’m beginning to think this entire project is destined to be a struggle to the bitter end. For now, we’ll keep pushing that freaking boulder up that freaking hill and gritting our teeth every time more bureaucratic bullsh … er bull crap gets in our way.

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