Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 91

What a stressful week. First, we got a letter from the lender saying they won’t release our funds until we have our building permit. (It’s grinding its way through the county bureaucracy. It was returned to the contractor to verify some natural drainage distances.) The next day, we get word that our home is being moved to the sales lot, and when it arrives, they need payment. By mid-week, we were in panic mode. On Friday, we signed the escrow check. Color me confused.

I feel like Sisyphus, pushing that bleeping rock up that bleeping hill for the past 616 days. The top feels near. Now, we have to make sure we keep our momentum. Right now, the only thing keeping us from getting started is the permit process. The county promised two weeks. Now they say three, at least. One neighbor said it took her nearly six weeks. I wish they would make up our minds and not make promises they can’t keep.

By this time next week, we should have a clearer picture of how our summer is about to unfold. With our house sitting on the sales lot, we plan to drive up and take a quick tour of the new digs next week. I have a vague picture of what our new home will look like. Seeing it will make this whole dream seem a little more real.

For now, though, we’re back to hurry up and wait, followed by insane periods of ‘drop everything we need your input now.’

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