Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 87

The week was quiet on our end, but not without its share of behind-the-scenes activity.

With the long weekend approaching, First Reader and I went up to the property to bring our ATV down so we could play for the holiday. Our ATV trailer was full of rocks, pavers, and broken stones. We want to use all that when the house is finally set, and we get moved in. After we got that emptied, we cut down a few saplings that had taken root on the far side of our land. All the trees on that side burned in the fire, so we didn’t need to remove anything alive.

Before all that fun, we chatted with our disaster loan case manager. The escrow paperwork is on her desk, undergoing review as I write this. However, she also informed us that her department has cut hours. Which, of course, will slow the process.

I reached out to the company that installed our well-pump several years back and finally got a response. They were waiting to line up several visits in our community before trekking up there, so I helped them out by contacting a few of my neighbors. We have an appointment to have our external water system inspected and (hopefully) repaired in two weeks.

Although the process is still crawling along at a glacial pace, we can feel the progress. We just can’t see it yet.


This weekend, the United States honors and mourns those who died while serving in the United States armed forces. Memorial Day is observed on the last Monday in May.

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