Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 85

More phone calls, more waiting. Although a few things of note happened this week.

The escrow paperwork is DocuSigned and off to the lender’s legal department for approval. If it goes anything like most of this process, we might have to endure a round or three of edits back and forth before we have a closing date. At least that ball is rolling.

One big concern has been where to store our completed house until it can be set on the foundation, which hasn’t been started yet. We talked with our sales rep earlier in the week, and she said they have room on their lot. Whew! That’s a big load off our minds.

Lastly, our local case manager has secured more grant money for us. This is a relief because the cost overruns threatened to drain our reserves. He also talked to our contractor. Hopefully, his input helps get the process moving along.

Our ducks are lining up. If and when the logjam breaks, we’ll need to be ready for the flood of activity.

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