Wednesday Word for May 11, 2022

Today’s word came from a newspaper article.

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Today’s Word

Part of Speech



  1. To abolish by authoritative action.
  2. To treat as nonexistent: to fail to do what is required by (something, such as a responsibility).
  3. To put aside; put an end to.


The first known use of abrogate was circa 1520. The word is borrowed from the Latin abrogātus, past participle of abrogāre, “to repeal (a law), repudiate, cancel,” from ab- AB- + rogāre “to ask, ask an assembly for approval of”—more at ROGATION.


abolish, negate, rescind

Usage and Examples

Here are some examples:

  • There was no concept of duty that men like Jack Duncan wouldn’t abrogate for profit.
  • Yes, you can receive compensation if you get injured, but you abrogate your right to seek legal damages.
  • They’ve proven to be hypocrites who force their views on the world, then abrogate responsibility for the consequences.

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