Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 84

Monday started with a flurry of phone calls to determine how far our project progressed while we rested and relaxed in Vegas.

Our contractor had to tweak the building plans, so those went back to the engineer and draftsman. When he gets those back and approves them, he’ll take them down to the county building department and get them approved. With luck, we’ll be moving dirt in another week and pouring concrete in three weeks.

The Escrow company will get back to me with a closing date. As we talked, we could hear our agent digging our paperwork out of her ‘To Do’ pile. I never did have a complete conversation with her this past week. I even tried to send an email to her, but it hit the corporate “if we haven’t emailed you already, this just got dropped in the SPAM bucket” message. Oh, and her email box is full, isn’t that special?

I mostly left messages and waited for people to call me back. By Tuesday, I’d heard from our sales rep. Our home is built and ready for transport. Can you hear us champing at the bit? (Un?)Fortunately, the transport industry is experiencing driver shortages right now, so we might have to wait to get it moved up the mountain. (Oh, shucks, she says with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek.)

As of Wednesday, the process was in “waiting on someone else” mode. Our lender was waiting on the escrow company, and our contractor was waiting on the engineer and draftsman. Nothing changed by Saturday. Although, we did develop a plan of where to store the pieces, just in case transport happens sooner than later.

One more week of a lot of talk and not a lot of action. We’ll keep trying, though.

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