Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 80

We made it up to the property again this week. I would have liked to go up more than once, but the wind was more than we wanted to deal with. With winds at 30 mph and gusts topping 55 mph, we didn’t feel like the annoyance would be worth the amount of work we needed to do. By the time we made it up on Friday, the weather was perfect.

I trimmed and moved the trees I cut down last week. I piled the brush in one area and moved the trunks to a place across our driveway where they’ll be out of the way of construction. Next time we go up, I’ll cut and trim another tree or three, depending on size. Most of what needs to go will need more experience than I’ll ever have, so at some point, I’ll become support for someone who knows what they’re doing.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
Lumber Jae.

First Reader moved rocks and other debris into our trailer for disposal. We still have a bit more waste from the fire to get rid of, but it’s mostly small stuff.

(C) 2022, JJ Shaun
More rocks to haul.

We also assessed where to continue our efforts and found one of the property pins (yay us). The marker itself was all but melted away, but the post holding it out of the ground was still in place. I have reacquainted myself with that border of our lot. Because we own a corner parcel, we already know where one edge is. The other two pins will be a bit more of a challenge to locate. We know where one should be but have a sneaking suspicion it’s been removed. The fourth marker is a complete mystery.

Our lot is sort of pie-shaped, with the outside ring being down in the lower meadow, where the gully drains. And that’s where my search for the last pin will take me. But not this week. Rain, possibly snow, is in the forecast. After all, it’s springtime in the Rockies.

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