Wednesday Word for March 02, 2022

Today’s word came from the news.

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Today’s Word

Part of Speech



  1. Of, relating to, or favoring absolute obedience to authority
  2. Characterized by a tyrannical obedience to an authority; dictatorial
  3. Tending to impose one’s demands upon others as if one were an authority.


The first known use of authoritarian, was in the 19th century. The word comes from the Middle English, meaning auctorite, from Anglo-French auctorité, from Latin auctoritat-, auctoritas opinion, decision, power, from auctor


despotic, dictatorial, tyrannical

Usage and Examples

Here are some examples:

  • Staff were concerned about the authoritarian management practices and lack of transparency in appointments.
  • Establishing a framework for a strong authoritarian government, they placed no limitations on the powers of the autocrat.
  • His track record suggested he had an authoritarian streak.

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