Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 74

Phone calls and more confusion. The loan provider won’t close on the loan until we have a serial number for the home. The builder can’t give us a serial number until we’ve secured the loan. Dilemmas. So, I asked our sales rep to chat with our case manager. The best they could come up with is the sales rep working with the builder to provide the number first. Chaps my butt a little, but I challenge you to try to change the government’s mind about something.

So, here we are. Tomorrow, we trek out to get another round of finance paperwork notarized and recorded. Keep your fingers crossed that we’ll have everything in motion by the end of April when our first trip to Vegas is planned. Please, give us something to celebrate.

The weather this week was bitterly cold. Another Arctic blast rolled into the continental United States and dropped overnight temperatures to below zero degrees Fahrenheit. Daytime temps weren’t much better for a couple of days, and the snow made walking a hazard. Yes, the dog was disappointed, and my achy self complained a little, too. Yoga helps but isn’t quite the same. Besides, the pupper won’t do yoga with me. 😉

Things are moving along. Slow, but they’re moving. Now, we just need patience for the glacial pace.

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