Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 73

Nothing happened on the home-building front this week. We received a new round of paperwork to sign, but that was all. We’re still in the planning, designing, and duck-gathering stage. I’ll reach out to our contractor this week and see where we stand.

We expect another round of winter weather again this week, along with the sub-freezing temperatures that make mornings so pleasurable. That means that the dog won’t walk me for two days. We’ll both be disappointed. I wish I could let her out to run, but I don’t dare until we’re back on the mountain.

I spent most of my days writing. Over the past five weeks or so, my output has increased dramatically. This is a good thing, and you’ve already begun to see some of the results. I’ll have more to share later in the week.

For now, we wait. For the weather, for our contractor, for our new home. Repeat after me, “patience is a virtue, patience is a virtue, patience ….”

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