Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 67

We heard back from the loss verifier for our disaster loan this week. He sent our file off to the loan officer with recommendations for additional funds added to our loan amount to account for increased building costs. We agreed to forgo some funds for things that we don’t plan to take care of until a future date in the interest of lower payments. Yay us?

I reached out to our sales rep, T., and let them know that we are getting tired of waiting and that five months is way too long to be waiting on our building plans. T. forwarded my email to the builder, complete with my promise to reach out to my elected representatives to find out precisely the problem with our plans. We are inching toward a year-and-a-half in someone else’s home. She’s an awesome someone, but we’re all ready for our own space again. Later, the manufacturer sent us a print with the specs to get started on the plans for our foundation. Yay us.

Morning walks with the dog have gotten shorter with the coming of the frigid temperatures and snow. Because of the icy conditions, we have stayed on our block since I don’t trust drivers on the two main roads that intersect our little neighborhood. And forget trying to get to the pond north of the area. The path is snowed over. I’ve been filling the exercise gap with yoga because I really need to work on my flexibility.

I am slowly building new habits with the new year. I know myself well enough to know that if I try too many things at once or make my goals too ambitious, I’ll fail. I want to succeed with my new lifestyle, and slow and sure wins the race with me every time.

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