Rebuilding the Dream, Pt 45

We spent much of this week preparing for our annual pilgrimage to the biker mecca of the west, the Sturgis Motorcycle Rally. Yes, we are going, despite the increase in Delta-variant COVID cases. I will what I did last year—mask up whenever I’m around and not go into crowds. I am sure that most of the participants have the same attitude as last year’s rally.

(C) 2019, JJ Shaun
Packed and ready to ride to South Dakota.

So, today, we travel north to the “camping cabin” we have rented for the week. Last year, we secured what amounts to a tiny home for our lodgings because of pandemic cancellations. We learned long ago that once you have a reservation during rally week, you hang onto it and reserve your campsite, cabin, or hotel room for the next year as you leave. It’s the only way to guarantee a place to stay during the festivities. A cabin means we go shopping once and cook meals in our own space. We have a bathroom to ourselves, so no worrying about whether the showers are adequately sanitized.

We will be riding the Black Hills and visiting (outdoors) with the friends we have made during the times we’ve been to the rally. It will also be the first time in years that First Reader and I are going alone. Best Riding Buddy is on the injured list this year, so we won’t have the pleasure of her company. I, for one, will miss her coffee in the morning. We’ll be back in our home territory a week from today.

If you’re interested in reading about our Sturgis Motorcycle Rally adventures, check out my motorcycling blog.

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