She’s Back!

I picked my desktop up yesterday afternoon and have been adding software and the rest of what I need ever since. I’ve run into a snag, though. (Of course I did, it’s 2020.) I keep my backup on a USB drive, and that USB drive wants to play hide-and-seek. I’ve looked everywhere, but I keep coming up blank. I’m sure it will turn up someplace, in the last place I look, as usual. :eyeroll:

I live in a region that is susceptible to forest fire, and this year is no different. The first wildfire of the season occurred in a forest that has been ravaged by the Pine Bark beetle. I’m not surprised that the fire is as fierce as it is, especially after watching Australia’s news last January. We were minutes away from mandatory evacuation before a weather front rolled in. It damped the fire down enough for crews to get a handle on operations.

For hours ahead of the notice, we frantically packed as many irreplaceable items as we could. Of course, after the crisis was averted, we discovered a bunch of stuff that would have been lost had the fire advanced. One thing I haven’t found yet is the USB drive with my most recent backup. I’m not particularly surprised given the insanity of the moments before the deputy sheriff arrived to tell us to leave when we got the reverse-911 call.

Thankfully, that call never came, but some of our bags and boxes were ported to town in our third vehicle. I suspect my USB drive is somewhere in that mess. I also realize that by the time I find what I’m looking for, I will have already re-created what I need. sigh It is, after all, 2020.

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