Watch This Space

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun

Looking back on my blog, I realize that my Sunday posts frequently regurgitate what I wrote earlier in the week. First Reader has pointed this out to me on more than one occasion. This observation has given me plenty of food for thought. As I ruminated on the issue, I made a decision that (I hope) will keep me making progress on my latest story idea.

While I’m taking notes on Brandon Sanderson’s BYU course on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy, I am mentally applying what I know to the tales I had been writing, but put aside. My intention is to use my Sunday space to post some of my stories as they progress. While these pieces will be as polished as I can get them, they will be far from perfect. So, if you like them, let me know. And constructive criticism is always welcome as I perfect my craft.

Next week, I will post the Prologue to my latest endeavor. Why next week, you ask, and not this week? Well, like most writers, I have a good measure of self-consciousness and a bit of shyness about my fiction. OK, that, and I want to look it over again to make sure it’s in the best possible shape before I put it up. Because I know that once I post that bit of story, it is considered “published,” even if it’s on my writing blog. Another reason is that I want to make sure that I have enough of the tale written in advance that I’m not struggling from week to week to keep up with my promise to you, my readers.

Between summertime activities, I spend a lot of time keeping this page as organized as possible. It’s another thing I’m learning as I go. I know these pages need work. I know how I want my site to look, I just don’t have the funds or knowledge necessary to make it happen. In time, I will get there; but I’m content with a site that screams “Amateur!” while I concentrate on improving my fiction writing.

I hope my fantasy stories excite you as much as they do me. Being the pantser I am, I have an idea where the family members are supposed to land. By the guidelines set out for the voyage & return trope, I also have an idea of the types of struggles they should encounter. And I know that they will eventually return home. How that happens will be as much a surprise to me as it will to you.

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