The Cost of Education

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I have considered going back to university to get my master’s degree in creative writing. Watching the shenanigans in the Dept of Education, not to mention the cost of college these days, has turned it into a pipe dream. That’s if I go the traditional route. Then again, I always have YouTube as well as the DIY MFA, the cost of which is my time and effort.

I have purchased a few writing classes through The Great Courses. One is a basic grammar course because I am far from a Grammar Queen and can use a brush-up on the rules. I also got one on fiction writing and another on vocabulary building. Crawling through the YouTube offerings, I found a series of lectures offered by Brandon Sanderson on Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy. What fantasy writer wouldn’t want Brandon Sanderson as a teacher, amiright?

One thing I will need to do is stay motivated enough to follow through with my plan. I’m great at beginnings, not so much at endings. I have a terrible habit of getting “bored” quickly and moving on to something else, so I need a plan. And I’m not good at plans, either. The thing is, I need to keep my mind occupied because bored me is no fun—and I was getting bored.

Now that the weather is warm and we can do more outdoor things, I’m getting antsy and ready to do stuff. Parts of our “yard” are growing out of control, but with the slopes we have to deal with, some places will have to stay that way, or I’ll have to take the weed whacker out there. I have enough to do to keep the areas close to the house trimmed.

And then there’s the real-life stuff that slows us down, like home maintenance, family events, and vacations. Summer is when we travel the most, so writing time is sometimes hard to work into the schedule. Especially those days we spend ten or so hours in the saddle or staring at the ribbon of highway as we race down the interstate.

Summertime is when we experience the world, which gives me something to write about during the winter months when we’re stuck inside. That doesn’t mean that I can’t use some of my time to learn. So, I checked out some of the offerings from YouTube, like Trope Talks! and The Grammar Girl to start. Type “writing” into the search box and keep scrolling until you find something interesting. I found videos from Stephen King, Neil Gehman, and Patrick Rothfuss, to name a few of the famous authors.

My journey to improve not only my writing skill but my storytelling abilities through self-learning has begun. How well I stick to it? Only time will tell.

2 thoughts on “The Cost of Education

  1. Take what I saw with a grain of salt, especially from a writer who doesn’t have any academic qualifications whatsoever, but I think self-learning is the best way to go when it comes to writing, so you’re definitely on the right path. Wishing you all the best in keeping at it!


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