Welcome to Technology Hell

We have spent the last week in technology hell.

First, one of the satellite TV boxes loses video. OK, sh-, er, stuff happens. I troubleshoot the system and narrow it down to the living room satellite box. By troubleshooting, I mean, I go behind the entertainment system and check the connections (no change). I try a different HDMI cable (no change). And finally, buy a new HDMI cable just to be sure (again, no change). A call to the satellite provider is in order. The tech verifies my assessment, and they send us a new set-top box.

While all this is going on, I approved a VERY elaborate scam into our system. (Yes, I’ll own that f-up.) While these scammers are trying to sell me an expensive piece of hardware (and won’t take “NO” for an answer), they are also downloading something onto the laptop they said was “compromised.” I cut them off before they did too much damage, but I still need to fix a laptop.

In the meantime, the new system that I ordered the first of April arrived almost two weeks early (yay!). It sat in the box while all the madness has been going on (boo!). Because I knew I would be downloading a bunch of stuff, I called my Internet service provider to change my plan. That’s when I found out that the only tower I can see from my house was upgraded a few months ago (YAY!). That means faster Internet (W00t!). Lucky me, this service call turns into a priority, and a tech comes up to install the new receiver dish within a day. Unlucky me, it won’t connect to my router. I call my ISP, and we troubleshoot the issue to the router Ethernet input. So, down to town I go for a new router. When I return, I make more phone calls to my ISP tech support line.

I get the new router authorized and make sure everything is secure. We finally get the house wireless system up and running late Friday afternoon. By this time, I’m done with playing household IT support. I just want to play games.

Saturday morning, I plug in the new system and push the power button. I know what I need to do. The first thing I need to do is to get my virus protection up and running. And the damned system thinks I’m a computer neophyte. It wants to hold my hand through all its startup crap, and (of course) won’t take “No” for an answer. (I won’t let First Reader hook her laptop up to the network until I get it re-imaged, and this stupid thing wants me to create more bleeping email addresses before I can get my virus protection up. ARRGGHH!)

When I finally get past all the “you have a new computer, let me show you how to use it” stuff, I get my virus protection up and running. I scan the system then start on all my other downloads. As I write this, my new toy is happily drinking up the bits and bytes necessary to get me up and running the way I want. Now comes the challenge—making a place for this beast on my desk.

For years I’ve been using a laptop to write and play games. This time, I decided to go with a desktop so I could update the pieces-parts as necessary. I didn’t realize how huge this box was. As I look at my desk and compare it to the desktop box, I might be able to get away with removing a shelf to make room for the beast. I also decided to use an Ethernet cable to connect to the router—you know, bigger, better, faster, more. I hope the 12-foot cable I have will be long enough (otherwise, another trip to town for a longer piece of wire, sigh).

Oh, and the satellite set-top box? We got that in the mail on Friday. It sat in the box until late Saturday afternoon. We can catch up on the local news stations now.

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