Snapshots in Time

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun

When I was in junior high, my best friend Sue tried to get me to keep a journal. I never got the hang of keeping a daily diary. Instead, I learned to write hard feelings on paper and just ignore the carefree days. I wish I had some of those early entries of teenaged and young adult angst to better understand where my head was in those days.

I was more interested in the sciences than in writing back then. I wanted to know HOW the world operated, and the mechanics of the English language just confused me, they still do to an extent. (No, I can’t diagram a sentence now any more than I could in 7th grade, sorry Mrs. Cosentino. Yes, I do intend to complete the grammar course I bought.) Instead, I have a solid interest in the sciences and a firm understanding of what makes things tick. I have a creative side that’s been buried for years and is pushing its way out.

I began this blog four years ago to pave the way to retirement. Admittedly, I didn’t give it much attention for a few years. At the end of 2018, I started posting almost every Sunday. Retirement came a little early, so I posted more regularly until I realized that daily posts were the way to go—so I began posting quotes.

In some ways, this blog has become a diary of sorts, but a lot of the daily minutiae gets lost. What was the weather like? What was going through my head? What significant personal events happened on a given day? Whose birthday did we celebrate? So, I grabbed one of my many (mostly empty) notebooks and turned it into a daily journal.

A lot of old journals I wrote diary-style. You know, a date at the top and line after line of words in my crappy handwriting. Then I saw examples of other writer’s journals. And realized why I always hated writing a daily diary entry—my journal was B-O-R-I-N-G. I decided to change that. I broke out my art pens and started drawing the weather in the corners, and the new entries took off from there. For the moment, I look forward to writing in it daily.

I know that my biggest fault is that I jump from one project to another. (It’s one of the things that suited me as a Tech Writer.) Some I come back to, others I forget about until I stumble across them in the future. I’m working on that. It’s one of the reasons I am trying so hard to keep a daily journal.

This is one way of capturing my snapshots in time. I also know that it will help me as a writer.

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