Staying Sane During Insane Times

(C) 2019, JJ Shaun
April, 2019

I spent yesterday trying to think of a topic for today’s post. My blogging process goes something like this.

I look at what day of the week it is (keeps me aware of the date, but that’s a whole ‘nother blog post), and what I previously posted on that day of the week. I “pre-write” the content in my head and research as I write.

Today being Tuesday, I started rolling another #TravelTuesday post around to see what shook out. Still, my mind kept getting yanked back to the crisis at hand. Every time I started to “pre-write” my post, it morphed into something pandemic related. After I roll my thoughts around my head for a while, I sit down at the keyboard and start typing. What comes out bears a strong resemblance to the “pre-write” I did in the hour or so before writing.

Today was different. I haven’t been able to “pre-write” anything. In fact, the stress of the situation caused me to have a “moment” early this afternoon. I had a mini-breakdown before I was able to get a handle on myself and breathe. I hope that as everyone settles into this new lifestyle, the insanity will calm down to a dull roar.

In the meantime, I keep trying to think of ways to keep my busy mind from running off the rails. Tomorrow’s weather is supposed to be nice for late March. I have the perfect place to explore where I won’t have to worry about encountering other people. Wildlife, on the other hand, I likely will meet; hopefully, I won’t run into anything aggressive. It’s an area I’m not sure I want to explore solo, large predators having claimed this neighborhood long before me (we’ve had two bear break-ins since we’ve lived here). The last thing I want is piss one of those guys off by disturbing its home. I’m only a decent fighter in video games, and even then, I prefer to pew-pew from a distance.

If you’ve been following this blog, you know that I’ve been recently “retired” from my career. Yes, the choice to “retire” was mine. The realist in me knows that the prospect of getting a job with pay anywhere close to what I had is slim and none (Slim’s on his way out of town). The same goes for merely getting a job … outside of convenience store clerk, which I’ll leave for someone who really needs it.

The situation looks bleak, but if we look for the silver lining, I think the world could come out a better place.

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