Reading to Improve Writing

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun
To be read pile

I’ve been trying to catch up on my reading. My TBR pile keeps growing, mostly with the magazines I subscribe to. Admittedly, the magazines focus on the American publishing industry, but they do sometimes have articles that discuss international publishing requirements.

I have been reading Writer’s Digest for more than twenty years now, and have subscribed to The Writer for almost ten years. Both are packed with information and advice from writers, agents, and publishers.

Writer’s Digest articles are focused on the craft of writing. I particularly like the Workbook section of WD because it offers advice on ways to improve one’s story from beginning to end. Each Workbook has a theme. Beginnings and Endings, and The Promise of Premise are two recent topics.

The Writer has more information geared toward the professional freelance writer. Many articles relate to how to find publications to which to submit your work, how to more effectively use social media, and other advice on how to maintain a thriving freelance business.

Through the pages of both of these magazines, I’ve discovered podcasts and YouTube videos, writing contests and conferences. All to improve my writing and creativity. Check them out. They might help you too.

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