Building a New World

(C) 2020, JJ Shaun

For the past week, I’ve been busily building my D&D campaign on my imaginary fantasy continent, Adaran.

I’ve decided the size of the staff of the Happy Harpy, my imaginary outpost between two major trade cities. So far, I’ve fleshed out about seven of the more prominent non-player characters (NPCs), and begun to build the history and personality of the Happy Harpy itself. I spend a lot of my time reading and researching.

I’ve determined that this walled enclosure has a staff of twenty-five with varying skill sets. A few folks have been around since the outpost was established. Some have recently arrived as replacements. Each permanent member can help defend the outpost in one way or another. The establishment has also been known to have caravans pull up near the outer walls. While no formal caravansary exists near the outpost, some of the wealthier merchants have been talking about the approaching the current proprietor and broaching the subject.

The ideas have been flowing freely. I’ve been pounding away at the keyboard, capturing as much as I can. As I create each character, I am beginning to see how the place works. I can see some of the conflicts that could become more significant issues as more and more personalities come into play.

I really like it when my prospective players tell me a little about the characters they want to run. And because I have a few of my core characters fleshed out, I can already see how some of the interactions at the Happy Harpy will go. This will be fun to play out.

I still have more than fifteen NPCs to create and will need to think about the overall size of the place as it relates to the size of the staff and how much business it will see. I need to put more thought into the history of the tavern and inn, which will determine a lot of the atmosphere inside the common room. I have sketches and maps to draw.

At some point, I will probably write a short story based around the Happy Harpy. Whether I post it or not will depend on a lot of factors, one of which will be my motivation. Have I mentioned … SQUIRREL!

I still have a lot of worldbuilding to do, but I think I have a pretty good foundation with all the notes I’ve been taking about this place over the years. This world has been with me for decades, it’s about time I get it out of my head and onto paper.

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