Wednesday Word for November 27, 2019

Today’s word comes from a random word generator.

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Today’s Word

Part of Speech



  1. Governed or characterized by caprice: Impulsive, unpredictable.
  2. Subject to, led by, or indicative of a sudden, odd notion or unpredictable change; erratic.


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: The noun caprice, which first appeared in English in the mid- 17th century, is a synonym of whim .

Usage and Examples

Here are a few examples:

  1. Duncan was a cruel and capricious dictator.
  2. Ronald found it hard to keep a steady job because of his capricious nature.
  3. The most capricious of gods, he could bring joy one minute and sheer terror the next.


changeable, changeful, fickle, flickery, fluctuating, fluid, inconsistent, inconstant, mercurial, mutable, skittish, temperamental, uncertain, unpredictable, unsettled, unstable, unsteady, variable, volatile


certain, changeless, constant, immutable, invariable, predictable, settled, stable, stationary, steady, unchangeable, unchanging, unvarying

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